Key Elements of an Effective Brand Strategy

There are many factors that affect consumers’ purchasing decisions and preferences. Chief among these is the perception consumers have of different brands. No brand sets out with the intention of gaining a bad reputation; however, a brand may suffer loss in the absence of a robust strategy. A brand strategy ideally integrates the brand’s mission, promise and message.

Marty Neumeier, a branding expert, defines brand strategy as “a plan for the development of a brand in alignment with a business strategy.” It helps businesses to understand who they are, what they want to stand for and how they can effectively communicate that identity.

A brand strategy is a business plan on which direction to move in building its identity such that it achieves growth and profitability.

The key to developing a strong brand strategy, according to Sarah Robb, is to answer these questions; “Why does your brand exist?” “Who are you and how do you do things?”, “What do you do?” and “How do you look, feel, and sound?”

Let’s look at these questions and how you can effectively answer them to grow your brand.


Why does your brand exist?”

Developing a brand strategy usually begins with the question “Why”. Having an answer to why you exist is fundamental to discovering your purpose and having a clear direction for your brand and your business. As a plus, your employees and other stakeholders understand the reason for the business’s existence and work towards achieving common goals.

Which problem are you solving? Which gap within the market are you filling? Whom do you intend to serve?

Who are you and how do you do things?”

Just as humans are accorded a character and personality, it is important to clarify your brand’s personality by defining your values to your employees, and most importantly to your customers. For instance, brands that prioritize environmental sustainability may best be known for their eco-friendly culture. It is important to define how you want others to view your brand.

What character do people associate with you when they encounter your brand?

What do you do?”

Here, you describe what you are selling- your products, service, and experience. It is a proposition of what you offer to your clients. Communicate your product and service offering to target clients in a way that clearly states the benefits of buying into what you do. Crucial parts of answering this question include having answers to the following: How different are your offerings from those of your competitors? What is your unique selling proposition? What do you give that our competitors don’t? Do you offer value for money?

 “How do you look, feel, and sound?

There’s a saying that you dress how you want to be addressed. That is true for brands too.

The image your brand takes on, including your logo, colour palettes, brand voice and tone, and other visual elements, determines how your brand is projected. Investing in and creating a strong visual identity is an important aspect of differentiation within a market.

A solid brand strategy is undoubtedly an investment with high returns. If a business wants to remain profitable, investing in a viable brand strategy will help with its longevity.  

Do you have a brand strategy for your business?

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